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Marks USA VP of Sales and Marketing, William Spore, demonstrates the Marks USA LocDown Series Cylindrical Lock Solutions.

Continental Access CA4K Enterprise Security Management Platform Single solution makes access control, wireless locking, alarm monitoring & IP video integration easier than ever.

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LocDown Solutions for School Security by NAPCO Security Technologies

Serving the security needs of the marketplace with the broadest, most diversified line of security products, systems and services. Your security blanket in an uncertain world. The NAPCO Group of companies delivers unmatched products, unmatched service, unmatched opportunity:

  • Mechanical Classroom Intruder Lock Down Solutions
  • Electronic Standalone Locking Solutions w/ Local Lock Down
  • Electronic Standalone Locking Solutions w/ Keyfob & Panic Button
  • Small Access System w/ Global Lock Down
  • Wireless Network Locking Solutions w/ Global Lock Down
  • Enterprise Integrated System w/ Global Lock Down & Threat Levels

LocDown by Marks USA

For added safety in an emergency, teachers can lock their classroom doors from the inside w/ the LocDown Series Classroom locks by Marks USA.

  • The exterior lever is disabled by operating the interior lock cylinder.
  • Affordably add one door at a time when time & budgets permit

Typical Classroom function cylindrical locksets are designed to be locked or unlocked from the exterior with the interior always in an open position. The new LocDown Classroom intruder Lockset by Marks USA, is designed to be locked or unlocked from the exterior, always open on the interior, but allows in emergency life safety situations, the teacher to secure the classroom without stepping out into the hallway to lock the outside handle.

Integrated Platform

Napco Security Technologies
Napco • Continental Access • Alarm Lock • Marks USA

  • Enterprise Security Management Platform
  • Cell/IP Alarm Communications
  • Conventional & POE Access Controllers
  • Myriad Video Partners
  • Door Control Hardware
  • Networked wireless locking
  • Customizable Designer Wireless Access Control
  • Commercial Intrusion & Fire Alarm Systems

Trilogy DL2700LD by Alarm Lock

Ideal for School & Campus Security: Features Lockdown Indicator & Includes Compact Lockdown Keyfob
At the first sign of trouble, faculty & staff can remotely press their pocket-sized keyfob's button to lock out unauthorized access, instantly locking-down a classroom area, while remaining safely within the room, (Keyfob activation up to 100' away, depending on building construction.) For multi-classroom users, up to 50 keyfobs can be supported on each lock and each keyfob can control up to four locks.

Trilogy by Alarm Lock

Advanced access control at less than half the price of a wired system - one door at a time
Alarm Lock has built a strong reputation as a respected leader in door technologies over the past 30 years, ideal for educational and campus applications. Alarm Lock's keyless access solutions deliver clean, fast deployment from one standalone door lock to thousands of inter-networked ones. Its most popular, field proven cylindrical Trilogy electronic access control locks, retrofit standard knobsets in under an hour.

How Safe Is Your School?

SAVI Calculates Your Next Steps
Especially in the wake of recent tragic events and escalating violence. NAPCO is pleased to not only continue to offer a full range of security & access control solutions designed for education, but its Free and objective S.A.V.I. self diagnostic system for schools, to help them easily evaluate their own current security levels and vulnerabilities, and quialify best, next-steps to improve any school or campus' defenses.

CA4K by Napco Access Pro

Napco Access Pro & Access Control Management Platform
Managing enterprise risk & security just got more cost effective and simpler, with one, scalable, integrated CA4K solution

  • Scalable, interoperabe enterprise platform
  • Fastest door-open times available, with up to 921Kbps processing speeds
  • Superior FIPS/TWIC/CAC card compliance; multi-card, smart card, biometrics
  • Global lockdown, threat level management & in-lists
  • Real-time event linking, mapping, scheduling & logging
  • Wired, wireless, or hybrid; easy to deploy
  • Lowest maintenance costs; longest warranties
  • Retrofit Rebate Program - Upgrade 2 to thousands of doors, rebate/door
  • No annual software licensing fees
  • Long-lived Continental hardware, field-upgradable for decades of top performance
  • Access Control: 2 to thousands of doors, unlimited users, one or global sites; remote web interface, standard
  • Locking: Interior & Edge Devices - Wireless Trilogy® Networked pushbutton locks w/built in HID® Prox readers install in and hour; scheduled un/lock, updates and global-lockdown
  • Intrusion/Fire: Napco Commercial &trade addressable, conventional & wireless protects people & property
  • Video: DVR/NVR and camera control, on-demand & video archiving

Gemini by Napco Security Technologies

Regardless of the size of your business, Gemini provides comprehensive security, fire & optional access control
Whether you need an alarm system, intrusion and fire system or one with integrated access control and/or video surveillance, Gemini Commercial by Napco is the right choice. Our advanced system provide flexibility and control, including event logging or system partitioning, allowing you to separately manage different departments, areas or offices individually, according to their own unique schedule.

Starlink Commercial Cellular & IP Alarm Communicators

Save Thousands of Security Budget Dollars Annually & Speed Alarm Response Times
All over the country, the old phone landlines your campus security and fire systems use to report alarms and summon help are disappearing. Upgrade your campus security to today's code-compliant wireless cellular or cell/IP reporting in place of landlines, with StarLink Universal Alarm Communicators. They're proven not only to reliably report alarms from virtually any panel brand, anywhere, but also to save thousands of budget dollars/year while helping save responders precious seconds with Napco Starlink's hig-speed cyberprotected AT&T® or Verizon Network Certified® service.