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How Safe Is Your School?

SAVI Calculates Your Next Steps
Especially in the wake of recent tragic events and escalating violence. NAPCO is pleased to not only continue to offer a full range of security & access control solutions designed for education, but its Free and objective S.A.V.I. self diagnostic system for schools, to help them easily evaluate their own current security levels and vulnerabilities, and quialify best, next-steps to improve any school or campus' defenses.

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As a long-time trusted source in some of the largest school districts and leading educational institutions across the country, Napco Security Technologies, Marks USA, Alarm Lock, and Continental Access have developed a wide range of security technology solutions with your needs in mind, to fit any classroom, campus & budget. LocDown security solutions offer an integrated range of products that address the budget levels of any educational institution, with a range of low-cost mechanical locking protection for tight budgets, mid-range electro-mechanical locking solutions and advanced wireless networked electronic locks with global remote control features on the higher end. Napco makes the reliable, scalable security you want in place.

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